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The fastest way to save notes anywhere

No accounts. No signups. No installs. Just choose one code.

Let's try. Enter a new or used code now to open, encrypt and save notes with.

It's that simple!

For example, you can use whati'mhavingfordinnertonight33344456


No Accounts
Start a pad with one code, start another with another.

Only You Can Read
Notes are encrypted with your code, not ours. So only you can decrypt your notes.

The Technology

The first time you enter your code, the code creates a secret location in our database.

Before saving your notes, your code translates your notes into an encrypted version.

Only the encrypted version is saved.
The original notes and your code is never saved.

This means that only you hold the missing piece (your code) to find the secret location and translate the encrypted version back to its original version.

Sharing & Copyright
Sharing a Coded Pad™ means sharing a code. If you find it, you can delete it yourself.

It's Everywhere
Just enter one code and start taking notes now! Use the same code to return to it later.
Our Simple Policy
  1. Free to use, always.
  2. We do not store your codes and we do not want to.
    • In the event our entire server is compromised, your pads are unreadable because only you hold the codes to find and decrypt your pads (as long as you used unique and un-guessable pads).
    • In the event the government wants to read our database, your pads are unreadable because only you hold the codes to find and decrypt them.
  3. We don't care what you store in your pads because we don't know and we can't check. Only you hold the code.
  4. If you find a pad that contains your intellectual property, just delete it yourself. If you can find it, you can edit it.
  5. We are not responsible for the following:
    • If you use a pad that has a simple and common code like '0000' and someone else accesses it.
    • If someone by chance uses your same un-guessable code and finds your pad.
    • Even though all data is backed up and replicated to multiple locations, if an act of God or some hardware failure causes all our servers and backups to be destroyed.
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